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A Cree Healer and His Medicine Bundle
by David Young, Robert Rogers and Russell Willier  

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David and Michiko Young

David Young was born in the United States and spent his childhood in Sierra Leone, West Africa. After obtaining his Ph.D. from Stanford University, he taught anthropology at the University of Alberta in Canada until he retired in 1999 and moved to Japan to continue his teaching career. David's specialties are psychological anthropology, anthropology of religion, anthropological aesthetics, and health and healing.

Michiko (Kimura) Young was born in China and raised in Japan. After graduating from Kyoto University of Foreign Studies, she moved to the United States and then to Canada, where she worked for many years in the international affairs office at the University of Alberta.

For the last 35 years David has conducted research on Traditional Knowledge and Health and Healing, spending a good deal of his time with Native healers in Northern Alberta. He has also conducted research on these topics in China.

 David and Michiko have also conducted research on Japanese aesthetics for many years.They have recently self-published Sponteneity in Japanese Art and Culture, and they have previously co-authored The Art of Japanese Architecture and The Art of the Japanese Garden. See their personal website at www.JapaneseAesthetics.com.

 The Youngs now live on Gabriola Island off the west coast of Canada and are the co-owners of Coastal Tides Press. 

For information on other books and articles by David Young, contact him at authors@coastaltidespress.com.

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