The Mouse Woman of Gabriola: Brain, Mind and Icon Interactions in Spontaneous Healing
David E. Young

"This is an intriguing hypothesis about the role of religious icons such as the Mouse Woman in spontaneous healing."

Book Cover for The Mouse Woman of GabriolaThe Mouse Woman of Gabriola is a life-sized image carved into a boulder on the small island of Gabriola, off the west coast of Canada. Situated in a peaceful forest setting, her upraised arm beckons visitors to participate in a sacred event, The "grandmother" spirit depicted in the petroglyph is important to First Nations of the Coast who believe that this spirit is dedicated to restoring order and rectifying injustices, particularly those involving young people. The Mouse Woman also appears to have healing powers. Individuals who come to the Mouse Woman for help have experienced "spontaneous healing" of a variety of illnesses.

It is likely that this healing occurs because of the inherent capacity of the human brain to produce much of the energy and chemicals needed for healing especially when these are enhanced by a variety of factors.

This book explores some of these factors, including the role of healers, the role of faith and meditation, mind/brain/body interactions, the placebo response, and the ability of individuals to tap external sources of healing energy such as energy from the environment. Regligious icons like the Mouse Woman help bring these factors together and provide a focus that can lead to spontaneous healing.

The book is written in an easy to read clear sans serif font and is illustrated with many color photographs. 

Published January 2013    114 pages   ISBN 978-0-9881110-2-8

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